F-16C Simulation

Built to drawings and specifications provided by the customer.


CPMT Photo: F-16 Low Cost Simulator

CPMT F-16 Single Seat Simulators:

Clarks Precision Machine and Tool (CPMT) has been manufacturing F-16 simulators, and unit training devices for over two decades now. These systems are in use by the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin, as well as many other worldwide government agencies.



CPMT Photo: F-16 Simulator Production Line.

All of the units we manufacture start out with CNC machined Aluminum bulkheads and longerons. All fasteners are aircraft quality and assembled to customer specifications. Whether you chose paint or powder coated finishes, these units are manufactured for many years of trouble free service.


F-16 Simulator Options:

Any model from A-E (Blocks 10-60) can be manufactured here at CPMT. We can manufacture an F-16 simulator to your specific requirements.


CPMT Photo: Mr. Clark & F-16 Simulator

If your company is currently bidding an F-16 program, we welcome you to contact our sales department.


CPMT Photo: F-16 Panels