F-22 Simulation

Built to drawings and specifications provided by the customer.


CPMT Photo: F-16 Low Cost Simulator

Clarks Precision Machine and Tool (CPMT) is the leader in F-22 simulators. We were the first to produce the F-22 simulator structures for Lockheed Martin. Our units are exact in every aspect, and all dimensions are dead on perfect.



CPMT Photo: F-22 Cockpit Structure.

The units start with CNC machined 5052 aluminum structures that are then powder coated to create an incredibly durable finish. We then add our fiberglass skin set that completes the structure. The fiberglass skin panels are ¼" thick and very strong.


Lockheed Photo: F-22 Simulator


F-22 Full Simulator:



CPMT Photo: F-22 Cockpit