F-35 Simulation

Built to drawings and specifications provided by the customer.


CPMT Photo: F-16 Low Cost Simulator

Clarks Precision Machine and Tool (CPMT) was asked by Lockheed Martin to produce several parts and assemblies for the world's first JSF full scale mockup. We are very proud of our support to Lockheed on this program.



Lockheed Photo: F-35 JSF Full Scale Mockup.

We manufactured the mockup landing gear, wings, canopy and canopy frame. This mockup has traveled around the world in support of Lockheed's very successful marketing efforts.


CPMT Photo: F-35 Mockup Landing Gear


F-35 Full Scale Mockup:



CPMT Photo: F-35 Mockup Canopy


CPMT Photo: F-35 Full Scale Mockup