Upolstery Services

Due to the high volume of crew seats and ejection seats Clark Precision Machine and Tool (CPMT) manufactures, it became necessary to incorporate a full sewing and upholstery shop in house. The upholstery shop works to very precise specifications on the Military Specifications (Mil Spec) tolerances for flight worthy products.

This same high quality service can be utilized on all forms of fabric and padding design requirements that your company may have for its products. The very dedicated knowledgeable staff can manufacture any textile type product very efficiently resulting in reduced cost, without a sacrifice in quality


CPMT In-House Upholstery Benefits:

By having a full time in house upholstery shop, CPMT has full control over quality, price and scheduling. Most other manufacturers sub contract this service out to smaller shops resulting in increased price, and poor scheduling control.


The full time employees of the fabric shop insure your production needs will be manufactured in a quick and cost effective manor. The resulting product is very durable, built to your exacting specifications, and is priced very competitively with the lower quality seamstress and sewing shops you may have used in the past.