Crew Ladders

F-16 Crew Ladders:

CPMT is currently under contract to manufacture the all new F-16 Crew Ladders. We are currently shipping these units to bae.gif in support of the F-16 program.

USAF Photo: F-16 Crew Ladder

Our precision manufacturing techniques have resulted in a crew ladder that is very durable, and built to exacting specifications at a very reasonable price. The development and manufacturing of these ladders was one of the fastest in the industry.

The new ladder system was required due to the addition of the Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs) that are currently being added to the F-16 airframe. As with all aircraft support equipment we manufacture, only the best certified materials are used in the construction of these crew ladders. Once the final design was designated, a welding assembly jig was constructed to ensure exact compliance with the final specifications. All welds are of the highest quality and performed in accordance with all applicable MIL-SPECS.

Our units are then powder coated for a superior finish that is very resistant to scratches, for the expected lifetime of the product.


BAE F-16 Ground Support:>>


If your company is currently bidding on aircraft support equipment programs, please call our sales department to see how we can save your company time and money wile delivering a superior product on schedule.

CPMT Photo: CPMT's F-16 Block 60 Ladder.

We are very proud to be a supplier to BAE on this and other products we manufacture for them. Please visit their international website for more detailed information on the projects BAE is currently providing to the arms forces and civilian sector worldwide. Click here to go directly to their website.