Ejection Seats

Simulated Ejection Seats:

Clark's Precision Machine & Tool (CPMT) has been manufacturing simulated Aces II ejection seats for over a decade now. Our simulated Aces II seat is an accurate representation of the actual ejection seat, with all the necessary functional accessories for proper ejection/egress training.

Our seats start with a fiberglass outer skin that is bolted to an aluminum welded frame. Our simulated Aces II seats can be ordered with or without the height adjustment motors and seat rail stands.



Aces II Simulated Ejection Seat:

The level of detail of the accessories is very important to the overall appearance and functionality of the training experience. CPMT manufactures all of the parts in-house, and has complete control over quality and scheduling.

We have manufactured all versions of the simulated Aces II F-16 seat including the OBOGS versions for the Block 60 aircraft. All of our seats ship with the seat neutral point alignment holes which helps in obtaining Design Eye Point (DEP) for proper installation into any simulator project you may be currently building.

There are many options available, including the new black lamb's wool seat cushions which we manufacture here in our in-plant upholstery shop. You have a choice of the OX bottle size for the simulated emergency oxygen system.

Available Options Include:

  • Rollers or nylon slides
  • Design Eye Point (DEP) alignment holes
  • Two (2) Black nylon headrest cushions
  • Three (3) Black nylon fabric Parachute Assembly covers
  • Seat Support Assembly. (PN: 3483260-610-101)
  • 6” Throw actuator for seat height adjustment (Limit switches installed at 4” travel)
  • Functional Inertia reel coupled to Power Inertia Reel Control Assembly Lever
  • Parachute Risers attached to Inertia Reel
  • One (1) Lap belt set (Left/right)
  • Functional safety lever with micro switch sensor and solenoid lock
  • Functional Emergency Manual Chute Deployment Handle
  • Functional Center pull handle with micro sensor
  • All stickers, placards and Remove Before Flight streamers in proper position on seat
  • One (1) or two (2) Tactile transducer(s) for audio cueing and environmental simulated vibration